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Rainbow Way

The Rainbow Way

The Rainbow Way is a process developed by Rainbow Sports Investments to promote and support the development of a world-leading talent identification, recruitment, mentoring, and management system.

The Rainbow Way Vision

It aims to deliver an environment that promotes excellence, nurtures talent, and systematically converts this talent into professional players capable of playing first-team football at the highest levels of the global game.

Rainbow Way Values

Resilience: Success is defined by how you rise through difficulties. This can begin by something as simple as thinking about your attitude after receiving a bad tackle in a game.

Respect: How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you. Treat others how you wish to be treated yourself.

Recognition: Hard work, success and doing good will bring you recognition. Always recognize others and their efforts.

Reason: Think rationally, logically and clearly when making decisions.

Responsibility: You are a role model for your family, friends, colleagues and fans. Be conscious of your actions and words.

Reflection: Take the time even now and again to reflect on your experiences and journey. Remember the people around you who stick by you.

Reliability: Always do what you promise.

Talent Identification and Recruitment

Talent identification is a fundamental concern for African football and its youth development system. The Rainbow Way through its management, coaches, and support staff have clearly defined roles and responsibilities vis-a-vis the identification of the very best talent in continental Africa.


We are proud of having built the most extensive pan-African talent recruitment network. Successful talent identification and recruitment of players of all ages is vital to the future development of African football. This is a pivotal aspect of the Rainbow Way.


Internationally there are no formal qualifications other than a stand-alone, attendance-based “talent identification” course provided by some national federations which are required to operate as a “scout”. The education of recruitment staff currently happens “on the job”, via peer relationships and through learned experiences.


As an innovative operation, we have identified this problem and have attempted to improve the situation by setting up an education program for our Recruiters and Scouts as well as introducing the use of standardised technology-based tools.


The Education Programme is significant to the development of players. The Rainbow Way develops independent decision-makers.


The Education Programme is fully integrated into the Rainbow Way and will allow for flexibility and provide support so that players can achieve their full potential both in and outside of the game.


It will strive towards academic excellence and will include both formal and informal education reinforcing the expectations of the programme and process in relation to behaviour, standards, lifestyle and holistic development.

The Rainbow Way has created Internationally recognised qualifications for all players to learn and develop from along their journey as a professional footballer.


The courses are a mixture of full time residential in Africa (equipping the young talent with everything before they set off on their professional pathway) and blended learning to all players in the Rainbow system, wherever they are playing around the globe.


Receive an internationally recognised qualification.

Be part of an exclusive family that is committed to bettering the future of African football.

Access revolutionary technology to assist with the process of scouting future stars of the game.


Receive international qualifications (BTEC / International Baccalaureate) whilst playing and training.

Players who don’t make it as a pro-player can progress to any University worldwide with their qualifications and experience.

Be part of a strong family focused team for life.

Every player is educated to a global standard on parallels with the Premier League and La Masia.


Share in the future development of African football

Be a part of the scouting and ownership of the best global stars of the beautiful game in the years to come

Affiliation with one of the most advanced player education and mentoring systems globally (parallel standards with Premier League and La Masia)

The Process

The identification of gifted and talented young players requires specialist knowledge of the game and a deep understanding of athletic potential, psychological profiling, and the motivation each potential recruit will need to possess in order to succeed in an elite environment.


There is a growing body of research and expertise gathered throughout football and in other professions to aid the identification of gifted and talented young people. We have drawn upon this knowledge and built a leading understanding of its potential to support the recruitment process.


When a player enters the Rainbow Way, information concerning his entitlement on signing for a Club is made available to the player and parents/guardians prior to making a commitment to sign. A “cooling off” period is permitted to allow parents/ guardians an opportunity to understand the full implications of the registration form they have signed before the player’s registration is sanctioned.


The process begins with a Parents/Guardians Charter, which will provide clear and impartial information regarding the commitments of registration. This will give an impartial outline of the procedure.